Pineapple for Home Decor, Aloha!

Nah, this isn’t about that mega viral PPAP song. It’s about how I love the pineapple. Since I’m not allowed to consume them, I still can use them to beautify my home.

I might a bit late for this trend but I think pineapple never out of style 🙂

Not only delicious and good for your health, apparently pineapple also looking good in your wall, bedroom, kitchen, bookshelves and many more.

So here it is.. Few of pretty pineapple things that I love. I really really wish I can easily get them here 😀

These pineapple crown looks so stylish as a wall decor


Definitely more fun than common “welcome” doormat


Pretty for the bookshelf


Not a yellow color fan? They looks good on monochrome too


By the way, to know where you’ll get the cute stuffs above, simply click the image since I put the sources there 🙂



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