As the day comes to end, and people make their way home, my own day begins.

My business hours start from midnight to 7am. People called my restaurants Midnight Diner


Cooking show or movie about food/cooks never bored me. There’s something about watching the food being prepared. The exaggerated sounds of onions being chopped, sizzle sounds from a very hot pan, vegetables sliced being stirred. It makes me calm and excited at the same time

Shinya Shokudo or Midnight Diner. A less than 30 minutes series which instantly become my favorite since the first episode. As the title said, Midnight Diner is about a side street diner in a small road in Japan which starts open in the midnight. The owner/chef is called by Master. Each story in every episode is not related to each other. The only thing related is only the street diner and the master itself.

In that small diner, there are always the sleepless customers who will share each other’s gossips, secrets, and tales. Sometimes they’re cravings for some food which instantly reminds them of some story in the past. You can find each episode focus on a new character and one dish theme. It is fun to know there are a lot of Japanese dishes which not served in the Japanese restaurant.

 All the characters are described uniquely and colorful.

One episode, there are Ochazuke sisters who struggle between keep their friendships while looking for a true love dream.

There is a successful porn movie star who loves to eat Potato Salad which secretly regrets his decisions.

There is also a cool yakuza guy who loves to eat his wiener sausage in octopus cut; befriend with an old man,  owner of a gay bar, who loves his Tamago with a bit of sugar.

Basically, the theme of the stories is very close to the reality, but most of the times it feels depressed and sad. But still interesting to watch and makes you smile at the end J. Plus, they gave some cooking tips regards to the one theme dish in that story.

Midnight Diner or Shinya Shokudo has three seasons (each season has 10 episodes) and one movie. In my opinion, watch the series first before heading to the Movie. Both movie and series have similar characters, but there is no characters introduction in the movie.

Since tomorrow is weekend, you should give this series a try. I guarantee that after watching this, you’ll craving for some Japanese food 😀

My favorite food theme in this series is Season 1 eps 5: Butter Rice. A super simple yet inspiring recipe to make the butter rice. It definitely makes me mouth watering 😀 😀

Quoted from this blog,

“If eating a particular dish has ever caused you to reflect on moments from your past, I absolutely recommend you give Shinya Shokudo a chance”

Happy watching  🙂



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