5 Simplest Japanese Dishes – Inspired by Shinya Shokudo

Here am I again. Talking about Shinya Shokudo series again.

Among all dishes in Shinya Shokudo, there are five simplest dishes, that I know everyone is definitely can make this. Even my “student” husband who temporarily has to cook his own food 😀

you can read my 1st post about Shinya Shokudo here

I’ve watched the all three seasons plus the movie, and I’m taking notes of every dish that I think pretty simple and tasty. How the master made it, the steps and even the tips from the ending of the episodes. However, since Shinya Shokudo is really not a cooking show, some episodes did not reveal the complete recipe. That is why I googled them again and save it for later.

For those who’s curious much but don’t have time to watch, I’ll share some blog links which cover those dish recipes. Simply click on the image to get the recipe.

For your information, they’re all deliciously easy to make

1. (Canned) Tuna Mayo Bowl : Season 2 Episode 5


A delicious dish made from canned goods ! My husband will definitely love this.  It is basically similar with the fillings of onigiri. I found this blog who share the detailed recipe of this dish, which also inspired by Shinya Shokudo.

2. Potato Salad: Season 1, Episode 4


Getting bored with regular french fries, boiled potato or mashed potato? This could be the idea of how to finish your potato supplies

3. Egg Sandwich: Season 1, Episode 7


Perfect for breakfast or even as a picnic food. I personally will add some greens like lettuce in it. Just to make it more crunchy and healthy as well.

4. Katsudon : Season 1, Episode 6


One of my favorites Japanese food. I’ve made it several times and still not bored with it.

5. Butter Rice: Season 1, Episode 5

Captured from the series


The simplest dish ever that I don’t know if it really is a dish. It only needs 3 ingredients: butter, rice and shoyu (soy sauce). It is that simple that I don’t need to find the complete recipe. They already reveal it all in the show.

Shinya Shokudo version:  Add the butter to the hot rice. To melt it, put some rice on the top of butter. Then, be patiently waiting until all the butter is melted. After that, add a bit of shoyu (soy sauce) on it. Mix it well.

I made butter rice few times in a different way. I usually mix the washed uncooked rice with butter and chopped onion in the pan first, before cook it properly in the rice cooker. But the simplest one also looks tasty and worth to try.

So? Drooling already? 😀



5 thoughts on “5 Simplest Japanese Dishes – Inspired by Shinya Shokudo

      1. Hahahaha iyaa nuri… kalo lagi laper trus gak ada bahan masakan atau aku males masak biasanya aku bikin ini hahahaha


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