My Cold Weather Product Essentials (and some wishlists)

coldweather product essentials

As you all know, Australia has some reverse weather. When most of the world are currently preparing for summer, we’ll face winter here. But it is still April, yes I know. As I get used to Jakarta’s weather, 20’s something degree celsius is breezing already for me.

My second week here in Brisbane, and I had what Indonesian called ‘masuk angin’ twice, chapped lips, and dry skin. My matte lip cream collections are no longer suitable for my chapped lips.

 It seems like the matte lipstick should be hiding in the drawer this season :(.

While I’m hiding my matte lipsticks, I should  befriend with these items which I will call my savior in this cold weather:

Paw Paw Ointment.

One of the best drugstore products for me. Indeed my savior. Not only for lips but also works well in my cracked heel.

Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil.

I’ve just bought it here to replace my night cream. I read somewhere that this oil is very good to be used as a night cream. But then the instructions told to use it twice daily or when required. Since I love how they moisture my face, I am starting to use it in the morning routine too. For a few minutes after used it, your face will be so oily. But then, several minutes later, the oily feeling will be gone. You can tap your face powder if still feels a bit oily. Works well for me tough.

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength.

Well, as mentioned in the name. This product works okay on my skin. However,  I think I still need more like body butter for the real winter next month.

Loccitane Pivoine Flora Hand Cream


Besides those products above, I actually need some more products to prepare my skin for the real winter season, which is:

Lush Lip Scrub

Lush Dark Angel cleansers

Jergens Crema Deep Conditioning Shea Butter

Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner

Rollover Reaction Flushed Lip and Cheek Stain

I’m actually not a fan of a glossy lip, but it is cold and my lips are chapped easily. That’s why  I need this kind of glossy lip stain (plus a cheek stain!). Since it is an Indonesian local product, I have to bought it online and luckily, I can ask the family member who’ll come here to bring it with them 🙂

Keep warm and keep moisture, dear people 🙂



5 thoughts on “My Cold Weather Product Essentials (and some wishlists)

    1. Viciaa, si RR mau ada lagi katanya yang vol.3. katanya sih aya mix antara Sueded sama Flushed. Kalo mau nunggu sampe itu keluar, biar sekalian hehe *malahngeracuninlipstik


      1. Hah? Seriusan nur? Yaahh… Kemaren aku udah lgs beli gara2 sabtu ini ada yg ke London… sebenernya udah tau flushed dari lama tapi gara2 liat di blog nuri jadi kena racun.. hahahahha


      2. eeh gerak cepat bgt viciaa hahaha. yaudah gapapa deh. gatau juga itu kapan di launch nyaa. jangan-jangan masih bulan depan hehe. aku soalnya baru ada yang mau kesini Juni, jadi belum beli. Nanti ditunggu review RR nya ya buuk


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