6 Easy Mug Cakes Recipes

Happy easter breaks everyone!

Unlike in Indonesia, most stores and shops here are closing in public holidays. Since my husband also has just finished his midterm exam, staying at home and doing nothing will be our agenda for sure. Why don’t I made some mug cakes?

Mug cakes could be the best dessert choice for those who doesn’t like the complicated baking process (but super love sweets!) or those who doesn’t have a proper oven for baking. Or having both reasons, like I am! I think anyone who comes up with this mug cake idea is a genius! 😀

These are the 5 easiest (and looks super tasty) which I collected from Pinterest. Oh, I love Pinterest.

Simply click the image to get the full recipe

Apple Pie Mug Cake


As a fan of apple pie. I’m so happy to found this recipe. How come a tasty apple pie made in only 3 minutes? Whoaa..

Flourless Peanut Butter Mug Cake


This is the easiest for sure. Only need 3 ingredients. My husband also a huge fan of peanut butter.

Oatmeal Cookie Dough


This cookie is definitely healthy. Instead of full cream milk and wheat flour (gluten!), it used almond milk and coconut flour. More reasons to eat some more.

Vanilla Bean Mug Cake


I love how vanilla bean smells. Good thing is, I can easily found this vanilla bean here in Coles.

Nutella Mug Cake


There’s no such thing as too much Nutella! Because everything with Nutella must be tasty, right?

Eggless Blueberry Microwave Mug Cake


I was about to post only 5 recipes, but then this blueberry mug cake worth one more spot. I love blueberry but sometimes I can not resist the sour taste. Make them into cake seems like a great idea!


Now, which mug cake should I try first? Which one’s your favorite?



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