Home Decor Wishlist: Grey Sofa (Inspirasi Sofa Minimalis – Warna Abu-Abu)

For those whose friends with me for a long time knows that my favourite colour keeps changing. In my childhood, I love blue. There are times that I’m into purple. Growing up, I prefer green, turquoise or mint. Recently, I can’t decide on only one, two or three favourite colours. I decided that I’m into pastel soft colour 🙂

But for my wardrobe and home interior, I am a monochrome person. Simply minimalist. Especially for home interior, since my husband won’t let me paint the front door with Rose Quartz or Hint of Mint from Pantone.

Monochrome home it is. Black, white and grey will be the colours that you will find the most in our home later. One item that will definitely be there is a grey sofa. If you check one of my Pinterest board called House&Furnish, I’ve just realised that I pinned so many images with the grey sofa in it. I can picture it in my living room already.

Will it be boring or dull, you ask? Not at all. There are so many ways to make the grey sofa awesome, like…

Pair it with bright and bold colour cushion

via freshoom
via decor8blog
via decor8blog

… or some black, white and patterned cushion

via designheaven
via stylizimo
via fargebarn

… or add some prints in the background

via thedesignchaser
via thedesignchaser
via designattractor

Since grey is neutral, we can play with so many colours, shape and pattern with it. Isn’t it fun?


Home Decor Wishlist: Ikea Raskog Trolley (Inspirasi Raskog Trolley Ikea yang Multi Fungsi)

Happy weekend!

Di Indonesia sepertinya lagi banyak hari kejepit yaa. Kalau disini, masih dua hari sebelum midterm breaks benar-benar selesai. I went to Goldcoast yesterday and had a very good time there. Before posting about my gold coast trip, I would like to share about one of my favorite items from IKEA.

Since the very first time IKEA came to Indonesia, I’ve been eyeing this item called Raskog Trolley. Not just for its flashy mint color, but I also think it is unique and versatile. If I didn’t remember how full my apartment was, I would have bought it.

Ini lhooo yang namanya Raskog Trolley. Available in black, turquoise, red brown and beige. Di Queensland harganya $69, sedangkan di Jakarta Rp.799.000. Nggak beda jauh lah ya.


I almost forgot the Raskog Trolley, until today I saw an article by Apartment Therapy “10 Ikea Hacks to Keep Your Houseplants Happy”. In that article, the Raskog Trolley is used as a houseplant. It looks very pretty. It reminds me that when I moved to the new house later, I should put this Trolley on my buying list.

What am I going to do with this Trolley? Let’s check the ideas and inspirations:

As a nightstand/bedside table



As a snack/breakfast bar




As a herbs corner



As a side table in the living room, perfect for small size living room




As a shoe trolley near the door



Among all those inspirations out there, these five are my favorites. I can totally imagine those things are in my home. Should I buy more than one then? *kekepin dompet*

do you agree now, that this item is totally a must have item? 🙂



Pineapple for Home Decor, Aloha!

Nah, this isn’t about that mega viral PPAP song. It’s about how I love the pineapple. Since I’m not allowed to consume them, I still can use them to beautify my home.

I might a bit late for this trend but I think pineapple never out of style 🙂

Not only delicious and good for your health, apparently pineapple also looking good in your wall, bedroom, kitchen, bookshelves and many more.

So here it is.. Few of pretty pineapple things that I love. I really really wish I can easily get them here 😀

These pineapple crown looks so stylish as a wall decor


Definitely more fun than common “welcome” doormat


Pretty for the bookshelf


Not a yellow color fan? They looks good on monochrome too


By the way, to know where you’ll get the cute stuffs above, simply click the image since I put the sources there 🙂