Home Decor Wishlist: Grey Sofa (Inspirasi Sofa Minimalis – Warna Abu-Abu)

For those whose friends with me for a long time knows that my favourite colour keeps changing. In my childhood, I love blue. There are times that I’m into purple. Growing up, I prefer green, turquoise or mint. Recently, I can’t decide on only one, two or three favourite colours. I decided that I’m into pastel soft colour 🙂

But for my wardrobe and home interior, I am a monochrome person. Simply minimalist. Especially for home interior, since my husband won’t let me paint the front door with Rose Quartz or Hint of Mint from Pantone.

Monochrome home it is. Black, white and grey will be the colours that you will find the most in our home later. One item that will definitely be there is a grey sofa. If you check one of my Pinterest board called House&Furnish, I’ve just realised that I pinned so many images with the grey sofa in it. I can picture it in my living room already.

Will it be boring or dull, you ask? Not at all. There are so many ways to make the grey sofa awesome, like…

Pair it with bright and bold colour cushion

via freshoom
via decor8blog
via decor8blog

… or some black, white and patterned cushion

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… or add some prints in the background

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via thedesignchaser
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Since grey is neutral, we can play with so many colours, shape and pattern with it. Isn’t it fun?