Welcome to Flooperious

About nine years ago, Flooperious blog was born. It was my first serious blog since my ever. It was made in wordpress, I choose the theme very carefully and even customize the widgets with something I find interesting. I wrote it almost everyday about everything in mind. Mostly only to express my feeling at that time, about boys, friends, a common college girl life. I don’t even care if people don’t find it interesting or even not understand it. At that time i was feeling happy and content with my blog, and I’m kinda miss that feeling.

 Thus, I made this flooperious 2.0.

 This time, I’m still going to write something i find it interesting. Since I’m no longer a college girl, I’ll write stuffs about being a wife, a home maker. You’ll find things about lifestyle, home decor, food recipes, culinary or even my thought about parenting (since mostly of my friends already are great parents).

 Oh, and in case you wonder what is flooperious? You might not find the definition in thesaurus. Flooperious is a word (or so called it) which popped up in my mind. In my imagination, flooperious is identical with a super happy condition. It’s like when you finally get something what you really want. You’ll be so happy until you feel like you want to dance, jump, move your body, screaming out loud, happily. That’s what flooperious mean to me. Hopefully I can share a bit of joy through my posts soon.

Have a good flooperious everyone 🙂 🙂