Home Decor Wishlist: Grey Sofa (Inspirasi Sofa Minimalis – Warna Abu-Abu)

For those whose friends with me for a long time knows that my favourite colour keeps changing. In my childhood, I love blue. There are times that I’m into purple. Growing up, I prefer green, turquoise or mint. Recently, I can’t decide on only one, two or three favourite colours. I decided that I’m into pastel soft colour 🙂

But for my wardrobe and home interior, I am a monochrome person. Simply minimalist. Especially for home interior, since my husband won’t let me paint the front door with Rose Quartz or Hint of Mint from Pantone.

Monochrome home it is. Black, white and grey will be the colours that you will find the most in our home later. One item that will definitely be there is a grey sofa. If you check one of my Pinterest board called House&Furnish, I’ve just realised that I pinned so many images with the grey sofa in it. I can picture it in my living room already.

Will it be boring or dull, you ask? Not at all. There are so many ways to make the grey sofa awesome, like…

Pair it with bright and bold colour cushion

… or some black, white and patterned cushion

… or add some prints in the background

Since grey is neutral, we can play with so many colours, shape and pattern with it. Isn’t it fun?


Coffee Time Without Upsetting My Stomach


I am not sure exactly when I started to love coffee. Walaupun bukan coffee addict, tapi dalam sehari saya pasti nyari kopi paling tidak satu gelas. Dulu, awal-awal saya mulai menikmati kopi, setelah itu pasti sakit perut. Apparently, my stomach is not into coffee as much as my tounge does.

Saya bukan penderita maag, tapi sepertinya kondisi perut saya memang lumayan “asam”(padahal suka nya sama yang asam-asam seperti jeruk, lemon dll :p). Sempat diberitahu teman, kalau mungkin perut saya nggak kuat sama kafein, jadi sebaiknya jangan konsumsi kafein. Tapi saya nya aja yang bandel. Masa sih jadi nggak boleh minum kopi sama sekali? Emang nggak bisa diakalin?

Oh yes ternyata bisa kok saya akalin. Ini menurut pengalaman saya sendiri sih dan so far perut saya aman-aman aja “ngopi” dengan cara berikut:


Not Drinking My Coffee in An Empty Stomach

Jadi nggak ada ceritanya saya sarapan pagi pakai kopi seperti kebanyakan orang. Fix cari penyakit itu sih kalau saya. Asupan kafein saya di pagi hari cukup dengan segelas teh aja.

Bahkan akhir-akhir ini saya mulai bikin rules sendiri, “no coffee before 10 AM”. Kenapa jam 10? Karena sepertinya di jam-jam segitu perut saya udah mulai “friendly” dikasih apapun juga hehe.


Choose Decaf or Half Decaf if Available

I am so happy to know that the decaf version is also available for instant coffee, and easily bought in any supermarket here. Sedangkan sepertinya di Indonesia, kopi instan belum ada yang versi decaf. Jadi minum kopi decaf cuma bisa pas ngopi di kafe aja deh.


I Add Milk/Chocolate to My Coffee

Saya agak menghindari kopi hitam pure. Kalau nggak kepepet banget , as if, sangat ngantuk tapi harus begadang dan nggak ada pilihan lain, baru deh mau. Selain kurang asik, kopi hitam kok kayaknya lebih “nendang” di saya. Jadi kadang-kadang malah bikin deg-degan banget. Seringnya sih ditambah susu/coklat.

Akhir-akhir ini, saya lagi ketagihan Trung Nguyen G7 Gourmet Coffeemix 3in1. Pertama kali coba ini di Vietnam dan ketagihan. Padahal pas di Vietnam sendiri, saya agak nggak kuat minum black drip coffee nya. Tapi kalo kopi instan yang ini sih untungnya aman-aman aja perutnya. Serius ini enakk banget.

May the coffee be with you! 🙂


Saturday Morning in The Davies Park Market

As I’m living around campus, my neighborhood is mostly occupied by students, and weekend means shopping day for us the students family. It is very common to see us in the street with our shopping cart and shopping bags in the weekend. Here, cooking our own food is way cheaper than eating out. Therefore, most students here are cooking their own food and shop their own groceries.

Among all places to shop, I love this community market called Davies Park Market. Located in the Davies park, West End, this market is held every Saturday from 6 am to 2 pm. Quoted from their official website here, Davies Park Market is “A weekly community event featuring music with fresh produce and healthy fast food, fashion, and gifts under a canopy of glorious giant fig trees. Davies Park Market West End has a wide array of products and produce that you won’t find anywhere else in Brisbane”

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

You barely can find anything here, from the organic produce, flowers, handmade accessories, to the brow threading stall. I love local fresh products with the competitive price. Also, there are some stalls which sell Asian vegetables and fruits.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with s3 preset

Bukan cuma buat belanja groceries, disini juga bisa nongkrong. Disini ada beberapa kedai kopi (yang setiap pagi, antriannya selalu nggak santai), bakery dan beragam jenis makanan & snacks.  Ada juga musisi lokal yang suka ditontonin disini.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Overall, I love the ambiance of shopping here. Kadang-kadang terasa hectic karena ramai dan pilihan barangnya banyak. But it is a good crowded though. The sellers seem passionate with what they produced and sells, and buyers like me seem exciting in choosing each product to bought. Setiap kesana sebenarnya saya pingin banyak foto-foto tapi yang udah-udah sih ke distract belanja ini itu.

Kalau di Indonesia, konsep farmers market ini sepertinya belum terlalu familiar ya. Walaupun sebenernya ada juga beberapa event yang konsepnya serupa, tapi seringkali variasi produknya terbatas dan segmented sekali. Plus lokasinya masih di mall. Padahal kalo menurut saya, di ruang terbuka hijau gitu yang bikin tambah seru.

Terinspirasi dari Davies Park Market ini, saya jadi pingin buat event serupa nanti di Jakarta/Tangsel. Ada yang mau ikut bantuin, mungkin? 🙂


My Kind of Winter (and Autumn) Food

Beberapa hari belakangan, suhu di Brisbane pagi hari udah mulai belasan derajat. Siangnya, suhu naik lagi ke dua puluhan sekian dan matahari super generous. Tapi anginnya sih tetep aja dingin buat warga tropis kayak saya. Apalagi malemnya turun lagi suhunya ke belasan derajat. Belum masuk winter sih, tapi Brisbane udah termasuk dingin buat saya.

Autumn-winter attires are starting to come out one by one. Sweater, warm socks, long johns, thick duvet, you name it. Every morning, I’m starting to struggle coming out from the blanket or finishing the warm water shower hehe.

For my cooking duty, I think I should start switching my menu to the warm comfort food, or so I called as winter food 🙂

Here are some recipes that I will definitely put  in my cooking list for this Autumn to Winter season:

Nutella Hot Mocha


Source : Lapetitchef



Spice Vanilla London Fog


Miso Ramen


source : rasamalaysia


Sup Ayam Jahe (Indonesian Ginger Chicken Soup)


Source: Sajiansedap



Sup Buntut (Indonesian Oxtail Soup)


Source: Catatan-nina



Spicy Tofu Stew (Sundubu)


Source: kimcichick



Beef Pho Noodle Soup


Broccoli Cheese Soup


Simple Homemade Tomato Soup


Source: pinchofyum


Salmon Belly Miso Soup



For the Brocolli cheese and the Tomato Soup, I’m planning to eat those with homemade garlic bread or grilled cheese for breakfast. While the hot drinks are absolutely good for anytime.

I think I should make one for tonight.

Happy cooking!


Goldcoast Trip : Sea World & Movie World (Warner Bros)

Happy Friday!

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The Gold Coast is home to many theme parks and beautiful beaches.

Mid-term break kemarin, kami ber-11 main ke Gold Coast untuk dua hari 1 malam. Sebenernya waktu baru sampai Brisbane sempet niat main ke Gold Coast sama keluarga, tapi karena cyclone Debbie itu, boro-boro mau ke Gold Coast ya kaan.

Gold Coast punya buanyak themeparks, mulai dari Dreamworld, Warner Bros Movie World, Sea World, Wet and Wild Water World, Whitewater World. Tentunya nggak mungkin didatengin semuanya dalam waktu dalam dua hari. Jadi trip kali ini dua themepark dulu aja : Sea world dan Movie world.

Buat yang mau main ke Goldcoast, mudah-mudahan detail trip ini bisa membantu yaa

How to go to the Gold Coast from Brisbane

Dari Brisbane, kami naik Gold Coast Train, tepatnya dari Roma Street Station Platform 4, dan turun di Nerang Station.

Sebenernya kalau mau langsung ke Movie World, lebih enak turun di Helensvale Station (tepat sebelum Nerang Station). Tapi karena mau check in dan titip tas dulu, jadi kami langsung menuju hostel yang lokasinya di surfers paradise.

Nah dari Nerang Station ke Surfers Paradise bisa lanjut bus 740, dan turun  di last stop yaitu Surfers Paradise, Cypress Ave. Bisa cek detailnya langsung di web Translink

Transportasi di Gold Coast juga pakai Translink, sama dengan yang di Brisbane. Jadi Go Card disini juga bisa kepake kok 🙂


Selama di Gold Coast, kami stay di Surfers Paradise, alasannya karena mendekati pantai dan pusat keramaian. Mau cari yang juga dekat themepark ternyata nggak memungkinkan. Karena most themeparks lokasinya jauh dari pantai. Cuma sea world yang lumayan dekat dari Surfers Paradise.  Tapi banyak akses transportasi untuk themepark itu kok dari Surfers Paradise. Ada bus TX1 , TX2 dan TX3 menuju themeparks seperti Movie World, Wet and Wild, Dream World. Untuk detail schedule dan rute nya bisa klik disini

Since we traveled with students budget, we chose hostel Bunk Surfers Paradise . We chose 1 unit of 6 bunk beds + 1 double bed and 1 unit of 2 bunk beds + 1 double bed. This is my first hostel experience, and I do not regret it at all. As a hostel, Bunk Surfers is pretty clean and comfortable. They also provide high-speed wi-fi, big communal kitchen plus free breakfast (self-service).  Another important thing is for such price, they have the best location. It is a walking distance to the surfer paradise beach, many shopping places (Woolworths & Coles), restaurants and the bus stop to the theme parks.

Untuk yang budgetnya lebih atau nggak mau hostel, sebenarnya banyak hotel apartmen di sekitar situ. Beberapa rekomendasi saya, Crown Renaissence Apartment / Mantra Towers of Chevron atau Vibe Hotel yang sedikit lebih murah. Keduanya berada di depan bus stop akses ke beberapa theme parks.

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Nerang River ; Persis di depan bus stop menuju theme park

The Theme Parks 


Karena kita pasti akan balik lagi kesini, jadi kita prefer beli tiket VIP Magic Pass yang berlaku untuk 4 themepark (Warner Bros Movie World, Sea World, Wet and Wild, Paradise Country) dan berlaku sampai setahun. Happy nggak siih 🙂 🙂

Kita beli disini seharga AU$99,99. Ini rasanya best deal banget dibandingkan dengan beli online untuk masing-masing themepark. Karena kalau beli online, 1 themepark aja udah sekitar $80 sendiri dan cuma sekali masuk itu aja.

Eh ternyataaa pas sampe disana, ternyata banyak yang jual tiket themepark jauh lebih murah, rata-rata nawarinnya $30-$40. Rata-rata di kios-kios kecil pinggir jalan gitu. Tapi waktu itu saya nggak sempet nanya sih itu requirementnya gimana bisa se murah itu hehe.

Sea World

Kalau disini expect nya liat ikan-ikan di aquarium besar kaya di Ancol atau Sea Life nya Sydney, TETOOOOTT. Nggak ada deh yang kaya gitu disini. Ini lebih ke themepark yang temanya ocean. Jadi selain hewan laut, ada juga thrilling rides dan entertainment show nya.

Buat bocil, ada Nickelodeon disini. Spongebob dan teman-temannya plus Dora The Explorer and the geng ada disinii..

Click here for detail information about the animal, rides and entertainment in Sea World

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Jet Stunt Extreme


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Nickelodeon Land

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Dolphin Beach

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Dolphin Presentation


Movie World – Warner Bros

Nah kalau dibandingkan dengan Sea World, di Movie World ini nih lebih banyak rides nya. Mulai dari yang cemen buat bocil sampe yang bikin jantungan. Walaupun sepertinya, Dream World lebih banyak lagi thrilling rides nya. Jadi movie world ini in between lah. Yang cupu kayak saya masih sangat bisa menikmati kok 🙂

Tokoh-tokohnya warner bros itu ada Looney Tunes gang, Scooby Doo, Super Heroes nya DC seperti Batman, Superman dan Green Lantern. Click here for more information please

 Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with nc preset

Surfers Paradise Beach

Beaachhhh… Sayangnya nggak puas banget nih mantai nya. Karena hari pertama keasikan di Sea World sampe sore banget, berenang di pantai malem nggak mungkin juga. Besok pagi nya juga Cuma sebentaran aja mantai nya. Dingiin bokk anginnya. Masih April padahal tapi udah dingin aja heu.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

By the way, di pantai ini setiap Rabu, Jum’at dan Minggu malam ada beachfront markets . Jadi di sepanjang pantai Surfers Paradise ada bazaar gitu. Yang dijual mulai dari pernak pernik handmade, baju-baju, shows sampai tiket themepark murah juga ada disini.

Waktu itu kita pas Rabu malam kesana. Walaupun bukan weekend, tetep aja rame lho. Dan karena lokasinya juga depan shopping centre persis jadi rame banget sampai malam juga.

Overall, Gold Coast tu emang hawa-hawa nya liburan banget deh. Somehow reminds me of Bali, walaupun ambience nya agak beda siih.

Yuk main ke Gold Coast yuukk..


Home Decor Wishlist: Ikea Raskog Trolley (Inspirasi Raskog Trolley Ikea yang Multi Fungsi)

Happy weekend!

Di Indonesia sepertinya lagi banyak hari kejepit yaa. Kalau disini, masih dua hari sebelum midterm breaks benar-benar selesai. I went to Goldcoast yesterday and had a very good time there. Before posting about my gold coast trip, I would like to share about one of my favorite items from IKEA.

Since the very first time IKEA came to Indonesia, I’ve been eyeing this item called Raskog Trolley. Not just for its flashy mint color, but I also think it is unique and versatile. If I didn’t remember how full my apartment was, I would have bought it.

Ini lhooo yang namanya Raskog Trolley. Available in black, turquoise, red brown and beige. Di Queensland harganya $69, sedangkan di Jakarta Rp.799.000. Nggak beda jauh lah ya.


I almost forgot the Raskog Trolley, until today I saw an article by Apartment Therapy “10 Ikea Hacks to Keep Your Houseplants Happy”. In that article, the Raskog Trolley is used as a houseplant. It looks very pretty. It reminds me that when I moved to the new house later, I should put this Trolley on my buying list.

What am I going to do with this Trolley? Let’s check the ideas and inspirations:

As a nightstand/bedside table


As a snack/breakfast bar



As a herbs corner


As a side table in the living room, perfect for small size living room



As a shoe trolley near the door


Among all those inspirations out there, these five are my favorites. I can totally imagine those things are in my home. Should I buy more than one then? *kekepin dompet*

do you agree now, that this item is totally a must have item? 🙂



6 Easy Mug Cakes Recipes

Happy easter breaks everyone!

Unlike in Indonesia, most stores and shops here are closing in public holidays. Since my husband also has just finished his midterm exam, staying at home and doing nothing will be our agenda for sure. Why don’t I made some mug cakes?

Mug cakes could be the best dessert choice for those who doesn’t like the complicated baking process (but super love sweets!) or those who doesn’t have a proper oven for baking. Or having both reasons, like I am! I think anyone who comes up with this mug cake idea is a genius! 😀

These are the 5 easiest (and looks super tasty) which I collected from Pinterest. Oh, I love Pinterest.

Simply click the image to get the full recipe

Apple Pie Mug Cake


As a fan of apple pie. I’m so happy to found this recipe. How come a tasty apple pie made in only 3 minutes? Whoaa..

Flourless Peanut Butter Mug Cake


This is the easiest for sure. Only need 3 ingredients. My husband also a huge fan of peanut butter.

Oatmeal Cookie Dough


This cookie is definitely healthy. Instead of full cream milk and wheat flour (gluten!), it used almond milk and coconut flour. More reasons to eat some more.

Vanilla Bean Mug Cake


I love how vanilla bean smells. Good thing is, I can easily found this vanilla bean here in Coles.

Nutella Mug Cake


There’s no such thing as too much Nutella! Because everything with Nutella must be tasty, right?

Eggless Blueberry Microwave Mug Cake


I was about to post only 5 recipes, but then this blueberry mug cake worth one more spot. I love blueberry but sometimes I can not resist the sour taste. Make them into cake seems like a great idea!


Now, which mug cake should I try first? Which one’s your favorite?